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Our services focus on integrating Moodle with various systems to create a comprehensive online learning solution. We provide smooth Moodle installation and tailored dashboards, ensuring effective decision-making.

Moreover, we deliver high-quality content and flexible storage suitable for diverse organizations. We also develop custom solutions, offer training, and consulting with extensive experience in online education.

1. Integration

We prioritize integrating Moodle with various systems to create a comprehensive e-learning solution. This includes specialized integrations such as LTI, CAS, LDAP, SMS Brandname, HRM, CRM, CMS & Portal, data visualization platforms, etc.

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2. Installation

We are a highly experienced team of Moodle experts. Our skilled professionals ensure seamless setup for your Moodle site, regardless of the version.

3. Analytics

Our services include personalized reports and comprehensive dashboards, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient decision making.

4. Courseware

We provide top-notch content creation and educational programs, supporting optimal user interaction in both the public and private sectors.

5. Hosting

Our flexible storage service caters to the needs of organizations of all scales. Additionally, we offer various value-added services to enhance your overall experience.

6. Development

Our team of experts excels in creating tailored solutions. With VLOOM, we provide an enhanced learning management experience, meeting the specific needs of educational institutions and businesses.

Other Services

Creates custom solutions, training support, and consulting with deep experience in online education.


With extensive experience and solid expertise in online education, we provide cutting-edge and flexible learning experiences that meet your needs.


We will equip educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the features and functionalities of Moodle.


We offer two options for Moodle themes: a standard, ready-to-use theme or a custom one tailored to meet your specific requirements.


The optional support package includes various services such as Moodle maintenance and updates, user and permission management, plugin configuration, course creation, as well as running necessary reports and other functionalities.

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