Videa News

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Videa EdTech is a dynamic company at the forefront of digital transformation in the education sector, reshaping the traditional paradigms through cutting-edge solutions. Founded in 2019 as a result of a strategic collaboration between investors from Taiwan and South Korea, our primary objective is to deliver high-quality digital solutions that cater to the growing demands of online education and elevate the educational experience for universities, educational institutions, training centers, businesses , and more, both in Vietnam and around the globe.

A Beacon of Expertise and Dedication

Our success story is built on the expertise and dedication of our exceptional workforce.Comprising individuals with extensive experience in the EdTech field, each team member brings to the table between 6 to over 23 years of practical experience in diverse international contexts. This wealth of knowledge and passion propels Videa EdTech to innovate ceaselessly, aiming to revolutionize education through technology.

Open Source, the Pillar of Innovation

Central to our EdTech solutions is the exploitation of an open-source ecosystem. With Moodle as our core and the additional products like Cloud based LMS, E-Proctoring, Learning Analytic, Content Repository, SSO solution, Video Streaming system, Virtual Classroom SaaS, OER portal, Administration dashboard & advanced features for Higher Ed’s operation, etc.. These tools collectively form a robust educational environment, empowering institutions to thrive in the digital era.

Global Impact and Collaborations

In just four years, Videa EdTech has actively collaborated with numerous partners, both domestic and international. The company has successfully delivered innovative EdTech solutions to over 20 educational organizations spanning 12 countries worldwide. Videa EdTech’s global footprint extends to Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.

A Commitment to Development

Videa EdTech’s passion for excellence and its wealth of experience enable the company to confidently offer advanced and tailor-made solutions to meet the diverse needs of its valued clients. With a commitment to continuous growth, Videa EdTech actively contributes to the progress of global education.

A Thank You to Our Partners

To our partners, we extend our sincere gratitude for choosing Videa EdTech as a trusted companion on the journey of educational excellence and digital transformation. Together, let us shape the future of education in the digital age.