VietNam EdTech News

The Edtech Vietnam Ranking provides a comprehensive overview of Edtech products developed by Vietnamese entities and acknowledges the contributions of Vietnamese Edtech units in the country’s digital education transformation. In 2021, the EdTech Vietnam Ranking was first unveiled at the Techfest 2021 event, organized by the EdTech Agency in collaboration with an advisory council comprising experienced experts and educators. The ranking selected a list of over 100 Edtech products in the Vietnamese market based on criteria such as technology meeting a large user base, the attractiveness of system content drawing regular and sustained user engagement, and website rankings using global ranking systems like Searanking, Neipatel, etc.

In 2022, the EdTech Agency continued to release reports and rankings for secondary education Edtech in Vietnam. Utilizing the widely recognized TPACK model worldwide and incorporating improvements from the council’s working process, the event garnered attention and response from businesses and educational institutions.

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, the Head of Data at Edtech Agency, “In 2023, the ranking activities will be based on data collected and measured according to criteria from reputable systems. This aims to suggest a suitable ranking formula for users to measure the specific value of products and support experts in evaluating educational technology products in the later stages.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Nghiem, Deputy Principal in charge of Chu Van An High School in Binh Phuoc and a member of the Advisory Council for the White Paper and Edtech Vietnam Ranking 2023, shared, “In a market with various Edtech products addressing different needs and issues in school management and learning, users find it challenging to choose the right and suitable product. The announcement of the Edtech ranking can serve as a reliable reference for training institutions and schools. With the objective and scientific approach of the Advisory Council and the credibility of information as a measure, the ranking will be a valuable source of information for businesses, helping to guide the development of products to meet user needs accurately.”

The ranking criteria established by Edtech Agency and the Advisory Council can also be a powerful tool supporting investors in monitoring market dynamics, assessing the potential of Vietnamese companies compared to EdTech businesses in the region, and making timely and appropriate investment decisions.

Alex Ng from the EduSpace investment fund stated, “As an international investment entity exploring the Vietnamese Edtech market, we often seek information about the market through available reports and commercial promotion units. Since discovering the White Paper and Edtech Ranking conducted by the Edtech Agency, we have gained an additional reliable source of updated information about the Vietnamese market. This allows international entities like EduSpace to understand how the Edtech market in Vietnam is evolving, which companies are participating, and to make specific and focused market approaches.”

On August 19th, Edtech Agency will organize an event to announce the White Paper and Ranking of Edtech Products in Vietnam 2023 at the National Conference Center. The event will be attended by directors of Edtech companies, principals of secondary and higher education institutions, representatives of domestic and international experts, and investment funds. Approximately 15 companies will exhibit their educational technology products for schools and training institutions.

At the event, Edtech Agency plans to invite international representatives to share their perspectives and plans with the Vietnamese Edtech market. Maria Spies, Co-CEO of HolonIQ, will share insights on Southeast Asian Edtech and the position of Edtech Vietnam on this map. Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, will discuss trends and the potential application of AI in higher education and lifelong learning in Southeast Asian countries after the Covid-19 pandemic.